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I sell goods on ebay on the behalf of other companies and private individuals for a commission. What private companies do final inspection not from Alibaba? Considering that the stock is projected to be sold alot outside of my home country UK and the source of dispatch is HK : 1. There are some technical splits mentioned in this post which are risky if not correctly administered by an accountant. Can eBay and amazon business register for flat rate VAT? This is not my first Rodeo and I am very weary of buying product from overseas — however I was in a pinch and wanted to see if I could find home based donut business home based pottery business supplier in China off of Alibaba. Not much I can suggest apart from trying to communicate with them this problem and trying to come up with some kind of agreement partial refund or at least credit for next order. She sent an invoice to my email and when i opened the email, PayPal came up and said sign in. Hi Andrew, If you would be so kind to reply. I would really really appreciate your answer. Thank you. James Rayfield 6 years ago. NO, in general it is classroom google doesnt work at home home based business forums ok to buy such items from Ali Express Alibaba, China in general with Disney characters on mlm type business structure alpha business acquisitions mlm. I found some suppliers from Global Sources and they are offering some good price for my requirement. Hi Andrew Thanks for the post. As no one can charge a 0. Also i ask the supplier if they ever exported to the US that electric food truck and they said no. Those panels are ridiculously expensive here in Canada, can swagbucks make noises can you actually make money with swagbucks. I paid them via their bank account. I have ordered a few of these, they are factory sealed and look like the real deal to me. Hi Emil, Thanks for your comment. Your never to sure when doing this so I wanted to give tshirt creation to sell on etsy sell furniture online etsy 3 links to see what your thoughts. Sharon 1 year ago. Is it ok to do it this Way?

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I have browsed extensively and I could probably un-register from VAT and sell unbranded goods but unfortunately if I was to sell Apple products for instance I would need to go to a authorized distributor as someone how to get data entry work at home reviews for cva work at home job Apple has a tight supply chain and most of these big businesses would be VAT registered meaning the cost would be given to me as the reseller. Where do i have to pay income and profit tax? Please take an action prior the new TAX rules are being in place as of spring, Thanks for reply. Thanks Again! Some suppliers may be very persistent and will email you every day, so best to keep these emails separate from private ones. Some people fall into scams because of greed. You have the patience of a saint. Also, one of the comments said that it is much cheaper to arrange the freight myself instead of accepting free shipping from the supplier. If you have already told about this, please post a link to read the article. Make sure you use company name in forum title and it will be picked up by Google so that other people, who search for this company will find your post and hopefully avoid same mistakes. Good day! Wholesale Products? Alibaba is a B2B portal, not a retail site really.

When I am buying from an Alibaba seller a product with DDP shipping the seller really wants me to take the DDP without somehow not rising the original product price much and adding to me that DDP is somehow profitable for the freight company? By creating an Amazon coupon, you can help encourage customers to buy from you. I know he is a trading company which is not the problem. This is absolutely fraud correct? Which company is best Alibaba or express? Considering that the stock is projected to be sold alot outside of my home country UK and the source of dispatch is HK : 1. This is my story on alibaba on the 7th of july Hope this makes sense. Hi James, Thanks for your comment. Hi Richard, Thanks for your comment. Jag 5 years ago. I would just like to get it right from the start and hope you are able to help! Do you know? Alibaba users should equally watch out for messages that request them to click on a link from their email box. When they finally responded , they said it was some sort of Chinese holiday.

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Hi There, Thanks for your comment. Also, one of the comments said that it is much cheaper to arrange the freight myself instead of accepting free shipping from the supplier. I ordered an wholesale product that was advertised on Alibaba. Another question I have is; the company are happy to accept payment via Alibaba Trade Assurance which pleases me, Can I ask if this method of payment is a painless, straight forward and easy method to complete transactions? India is where Walmart and Amazon will hash it out for control of a major emerging market. I have been facing this strange problem while trying to place orders on alibaba, using trade assurance. Hi Andrew, Thank you for all your valuable advice. Becomes hard to manage for sure, but their software has helped us. My first reaction is — the product is really no that unique or difficult to source — so why not just look for more established supplier? Am I being too worried about this? If anyone is thinking of doing business with Houdeled. So I decided that i better try to open a dispute though trade assurance but guess what?

Hi Ivar, I have a question for you, as i am in a very similar position may i get your email address? What could be a better way to start making business online? John 6 years ago. My advice — find a smarter accountant who can put your business back on the track. We can give you the tracking number of DHL right away. Hello Andrew. Steve Thanks for the information. There are number of reason for. I believe it can help many online entrepreneurs to decide on their product especially if their budget are flexible. Do maximize swagbuck search point my swagbuck mobile apps stopped working think Ablibaba can help me. Does PayPal offer any protection on these types of transactions? Any advice on what the problem might be? Kind regards, Joseph. Kind Regards Marek. I dont think that my treshold will be above that 83k in a year.

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With the recent addition of the Amazon sales channel on Shopify, Shopify store owners can now sell on Amazon. So I have had some success with Alibaba and profited but be specific about what you want how to make money tutoring online best way to make money online legitimately to the details e. Its not viable for me to sell on ebay at all if I register for VAT. Hello, I am curious to know if you have heard of the global supplier Alibaba? Do I need to include these sales when working out the turnover or should they be considered UK sales as they are sold through ebay. The following eCommerce platforms are exclusively British:. Below are the tools and platforms I use to find profitable products to sell that meet these criteria. You can also open up a Mercado Shop which is a personalized retail area on their platform and much like Alipay, they too operate their own independent payment processing service called MercadoPago. Now, I understand that could be the squeaky wheel effect, where only those with bad experiences are motivated to write reviews. Setting up the payment is simple as. You may also notice the site also tries to load unauthorised scripts on to your device.

Their Alibaba profile and website seem legitimate, and the contact there was very helpful. Andrew, Great work andrew very informative. After you receive the order and find out that the products were defective, they will try to extort more money from you for the replacement of the defective products. Below are the tools and platforms I use to find profitable products to sell that meet these criteria. Andrew hi am new on alibaba. The same customer returns to you a few days later and tells you he needs to return all of the goods he bought from you for a full refund. Because millions of people use these shopping engines to find products every single day, you can use their statistics to help you narrow down your niche. He later told me to cancel it and do Bitcoin which i did. You need to include zero rated items when calculating your VAT taxable turnover. The supplier is totally uncooperative and we want Alibaba to step in. It was shipped from Sweden by Swedish Post. As registering voluntarily really may be the biggest mistake you can make for your business! Sincerely yours, Ali Imran. No, I said that in contest that Chinese scammers often ask you to pay dodgy Customs bills while in reality they have nothing to do with Customs procedure your country. Hi There, Thanks for your comment. Ebay have never given me a straight answer. Hi Andrew, Great article. Grant 2 years ago. I paid them via their bank account.

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Richard Bromley 3 years ago. Sure, there are still bootlegs available on eBay but not on the scale it was. Maybe i need help. What do you recommend for people wanting to sell personalized items online? K A 6 years ago. I do have a full time job and have been told to be careful how much i sell on ebay as it will be classed as an extra income and therefore i would have to pay tax. Graham 1 year ago. I want to start of buying all kinds of stuff from china but have been doing alot of research but still work at home customer service rep start tonight data entry work at home in nh know quite how to start of l contacted a supplier regarding the cost of one item or a sample am l best giving my own email address is that safe or shall l make a seperate email account for suppliers contacting me. Find your domain name Domain Website Email. The company address details match the Alibaba profile and website, plus the beneficiary name is the correct company. So when I pay through alibaba is that just using my credit card? So, 2 days ago I received an e-mail from money made online money off websites UK:. I am just wondering if you have any tips for negotiating price with Chinese suppliers. Am I correct? Learn how to find products to sell and setup your online store. Feedback Express — Feedback Express helps you get more reviews on your Amazon store. Once while he completes the purchase, and another one while the product is imported into the EU zone from a non EU country… That double taxation sounds a little bit strange. I have emails and receipt. Second question — if my business bank account is in England but I live and work ship items to the USA from an EU country, which country do i pay tax too? Steve, Hello, You have very good information in this article are given.

Interesting and important information. The USA is still the largest eCommerce market on the planet with revenue per online shopper from the US being the highest in the world:. Flubit is the largest UK owned and based marketplace for branded good. Unfortunately as you already closed the order on Trade Assurance, no one will help you with this order. You mentioned getting a pre inspection of goods before sending the second payment. He sent something but it wasnt PS4a, and that order also went to a worng address. Steve 6 months ago. You can easily download spreadsheets regarding order and inventory information. Thank you Andrew for taking the time to share your knowledge and wisdom with others to aid in decision-making. I did this one time and the supplier created a generic order form on Alibaba.

Those panels are ridiculously expensive here in Canada. I buy a large amount of goods on Alibaba for import in to Canada. Therefore do I need to register for VAT at all? I have just started selling on Amazon though eBay did not seem to work for me literally last month. Its is so frustrating how being honest kills your business, the people I am competing against sell 4 x more than me and are not VAT registered as they illegally in my eyes split their business up into different sections yet sell everything through the same Ebay. K A 6 years ago. BUT — they send me woocommerce affiliate products open in new window affiliate program search engine account. No luck. Pleae give me a good advise. Hello and great post. The pumps have very precise specifications. Because selling online is completely different than selling in a brick and mortar store, you want to choose products to sell that are conducive to online purchases and appeal to the typical online buyer. And they have a strict screening process to make sure that you are dealing with legit companies. Keep in mind I had just talked to them about shipping the dress on time because my client was flying in for a fitting and that was why I paid them early to avoid any mishaps. There are their name and skype ID to contact. Supplier can also arrange shipping for you but I recommend you use freight forwarder to avoid any hidden fees.

In fact, Trade Assurance is supposed to be free for both buyer and seller. Will 3 years ago. What puzzled me about this was I had bought from this seller before, his products looked genuine to me, he has great feedback, over successful transactions and an Ebay stores. This way, even if someone stoles this data, it will be useless. Do eBay not charge the VAT on your monthly fees? So why do I feel like the donkey? I mean in the chat with the company owner he even told me I should then go an buy from china-sellers a copy if I need a trustworthy money-transaction. I can then retrieve a new password using my email address however I get the exact same message; refresh or feedback. I have done business with a factory in Pakistan for 3 years and their quality has been getting worse and worse with every order I receive. I found one vendor and began to have conversations with them over Alibaba platform — we then took the conversations over to Skype — then I began vetting the company — the payment process, etc. And this also applies to images a supplier uses in their profile and product listings. You have to register as sole trader with HMRC, even if you have a full time job. I realise with the technology we have these days that this type of fraud would be pretty simple and cheap to do. By looking at the exact keywords that people are typing in , you can get a good idea of what products are in demand and how much revenue you can generate. They seemed confused and then said that my money will be refunded to me instead, but I had never requested a refund, just cancelled as they told me to do so. Also the method of paying TT is confusing as when I click the TT tab it gives me the Citi bank details of the supplier. Because selling online is completely different than selling in a brick and mortar store, you want to choose products to sell that are conducive to online purchases and appeal to the typical online buyer. I selected a product from their list and and gave them the custom specifications that I wanted to be made.